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Updated: 03-04-2023
Experience: Expert
Started: 2010
Engagement Type: Project
Service Offering: Implementation
Savvy Copy is a direct response copywriting agency helping business owners & industry leaders to attract more leads, make more money and have more impact. We’re modern-day marketing alchemists who turn traffic into gold.

Are you leaving leads, sales and impact on the table?

You’re a smart, savvy business owner. You’re incredible at what you do. You’ve created a product or service you’re damn proud of that is impacting the lives of others.

But, do you want to be doing more?

Attracting more leads. Making more money. Having more impact.

So, what’s the problem?

*You’re currently getting visitors to your website but you struggle to convert them to leads and clients consistently
*You (or whoever else has a free moment on your team) try writing your own copy and content
*You’re suffering from a severe case of ‘blank page syndrome’, and resort to ‘borrowing inspiration’ from another website (no judgement here)
*You search heaven and earth for a decent copywriter but it seems like no one else in the world truly understands your business like you
*All of the above

And where does that all leave you?

With marketing that won’t convert, lighter in the hip pocket, and cursing copywriters to the high heavens (using words your mother wouldn’t be proud of).

We get it. And We're here to help.

Savvy Copy can be the difference between a browser being closed, a lead being missed, a sale being lost and a flood of new business.

We get a real kick out of helping game changers, industry leaders and passionate entrepreneurs who impact the lives of others and do good in this world.

If you want to:

1. Connect With Your Audience & Have More Impact
2. Boost Your Authority & Be the Leader in Your Market
3. Attract Your Dream Clients & Skyrocket Your Business

Then we can help.

12 years ago, we started life as a digital agency. Until we pushed all our chips in on writing compelling, conversion-focused copy. That means, with us, copy isn’t simply about writing words on a page.

We’re the rare kind of word-slinging folks who GET marketing and conversions - because we’ve run more ads and built more websites, sales pages and marketing funnels than you can poke a virtual stick at.

Over the past 12 months we’ve been lucky enough to work with...

* Gary Goldstein (Hollywood Filmmaker and Producer or Box Office Hit Pretty Woman).
* Grace Lever (Australia’s Most Successful Female Digital Marketer)
* Bill Zanker and Investors Pitbull and Tony Robbins
* Roger Love (Hollywood Vocal Coach to the likes of Angelina Jolie)

And so many more incredible small businesses too - coaches, consultants, and service professionals who are on the frontlines of their industry.

How do we do it?

Step 1. We’ll find out where you are with your business – and where you want to go (to the moon?).

Step 2. Here’s the part most copywriters skimp on. It’s the unsexy, hard yards of getting to know your business inside out -- and we take care of it, so there’s no unnecessary hard work for you.

Step 3. While you stay focused on the parts of your business you’re best at, we get to writing using every piece of pure gold we’ve found during the research process.

Step 4. You’re the new proud owner of copy that attracts, captivates and converts your visitors like every day is a black friday sale.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

… then get in touch and we can chat about your project. No obligations, no hard sells. Promise. Just a friendly pow-wow with our team.

Jaimee Maree
Business Owner
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