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Digital Agency Hub connects Australian small businesses with digital marketing agencies. We help showcase some of the best agencies that specialise in lead generation, branding, strategy, graphic design, websites, SEO, marketing automation and software specific consultants.

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At Digital Agency Hub, we are a growing directory focused on connecting small businesses with local Australian digital service providers.

As a small business owner, I know what it’s like trying to source the right agency.

Back in 2012, I saw a presentation from a US based business focused on implementing a CRM, marketing automation and online membership platform. I was blown away by what was possible and signed up to their $25k USD done for you implementation program. Several months later and mid-way through the project, the company dissolved… Ouch (to say the least). My membership program wasn’t live, and I didn’t have really anything to show for what I paid for.

This was early on in my online journey and this one really hurt at the time.

Do I regret that investment?

Absolutely not!

Digital Marketing Training

Yes, it was hard at the time, but it was the catalyst to train myself in digital marketing so this wouldn’t happen again. It allowed me to get more educated so I could be more informed when engaging agencies when needed, and after all the courses and training I did, I ended up leaving my corporate job to run my own digital marketing agency. 

Now, over the years I’ve learned a LOT! Digital marketing is a massive area and it’s so broad it’s difficult to be an expert in everything. That’s why after having a successful award-winning agency, even we need to tap into our own network and partner with other providers to help our clients get the results that they are looking for. 

Now, I know what that’s like for me, and I’m in the industry, it can be hard to find reputable agencies. So, I can only imagine how hard it is for a busy business owner to find a good agency to work with as well. (Heck, I was there too and clearly didn’t make the best decision!). 

Therefore, here we are and the birth of Digital Agency Hub!

Our goal is to be the leading digital marketing directory in Australia featuring local agencies.

(PS If you’re an agency and not yet listed, we’d love to include you – claim your free agency listing today). 

Now, what’s important to flag is that yes you can find a bunch of agencies here on our directory. It’s up to you to reach out to them directly and do your own due diligence so you can choose the best agency that fits your needs.

Why Choose an Australian
Digital Marketing Agency?

With a global marketplace, we know you have more options than ever for digital marketing services. I get it and have engaged with providers from all around the world. Some of the key reasons for using a local Australian agency include:

Australian Digital Marketing Agency

• Support Local – you get to support fellow Australian businesses, helping create and keep money, jobs and businesses in our local economy.

• Same Time Zone – you also get to speak to someone in the same time zone, avoiding the need for midnight or 5am meetings to get stuff done.

• Meet Face-To-Face – some businesses do prefer the ability to have face-to-face meetings and training which is only possible with a local based agency.

• Local Knowledge – Australia is different to America and other nations. This impacts the language used, terminology, local events, local news, local issues, advertising reach, advertising budget etc.

• Expertise – there is an ENORMOUS amount of talent in this country, including world leaders in the digital space. Small businesses don’t need to go overseas to tap into world class practitioners.

Choosing a digital marketing agency is a critical decision in your business journey.

Browse our agency list now, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, please contact us here.

About Mandy Brasser

Mandy Brasser is the founder of Digital Agency Hub. She started her digital marketing journey back in 2008 building her first website. Since then, she’s built countless more websites, launched several brands and run two award-winning agencies. Mandy is based in Brisbane, Australia and works from home. She is passionate about helping small businesses connect with the right agency to help grow their businesses.

It can be incredibly daunting finding, selecting, and engaging a new agency. I know first-hand, if you make the wrong decision, it can be very costly and can set you back months, if not years. Getting the right agency, however, can feel like a natural extension to your team. It can help accelerate your growth by bringing in more leads, sales and efficiencies so you can serve more customers and make a bigger impact in the world. Ultimately the right agency can cut down years of time getting to the growth levels you want to achieve by not doing it yourself.

Mandy Brasser’s Credentials

• Bachelor of Commerce (Griffith University)

• Bachelor of Leisure Management (Griffith University)

• Certified Content Marketing Specialist (Digital Marketer)

• Certified Customer Value Optimisation Specialist (Digital Marketer)

• Keap/Infusionsoft Certified Partner

• Certificate in Digital Marketing (eBusiness Institute)

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