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Updated: 02-04-2023
Experience: Expert
Started: 1998
Engagement Type: Hourly, Project, Retainer
Service Offering: Coaching, Consulting, Implementation, Speaking, Training
“Systems Set You Free” Lyndi is passionate about empowering entrepreneurial business owners on the web and setting you up for success. Using a results driven process Lyndi and the team will deliver you a happy ending!

We love to deliver a happy ending...

what does this mean?

We want to make it easier to do business online, and it be a pleasurable experience for you and the end user.

“Systems set me Free”

We love systems, organisation, workflow processes and taking what you do and making it easier to do business with you online. We also love to make your day to day business management enjoyable and have you fall in love with technology - even just a little bit! (If you're anything like our clients, you're squirming right now thinking "I hate technology") - working with us, once you get over the initial onboarding, you'll feel better as you'll have clarity and confidence. You'll see and have a deeper understanding how the systems will set you free and you'll be thankful for technology and business process automation too!


We're a Keap user since 2010 and a Certified Partner since 2015, we also have CustomerHub certification and EmailSmart certification. We are also a Google Workspace reseller and recommend this as 'the entrepreneurs toolsuite' and it also syncs seamlessly with Keap. We started out building websites in 1996 and had our first web development business in 1998. We've support our clients with our premium end-to-end-solutions and have a team of Australian Certified partners who come with thousands of hours of experience and really do LOVE this shiz!

We have many more tools we share with our clients to support them with online business management - like our MOB SHEET. Collectively there's years of experience and expertise, yet we remain humble and are here to serve you or connect you with one who can provide you the results you seek.

What's your lead collection process like?
will I feel valued and get a result?

Do you deliver value right from the start?
Offering infotainment - that's education and entertainment is where the end user works out if they like you enough and want to get to know you more and it's your job to build a relationship and develop trust.

When you sell a service, do you thank them? like immediately???
most I come across don't and question why... think about a really enjoyable shopping experience you've had. You recommend them and will go back and buy more, you'll even give them a raving review IF THEY ASK FOR IT! Do you know how many people don't ask for feedback in fear of negative comments, let alone asking for a review!!!

All of the above can be much easier than you think when you work with one who is willing to give you the time to work at your own pace, as long as you take inspired action and are hungry to deliver a transformative result, we'll get along.

Here at In2Web, we specialise in taking what you do day to day and training you or your team on how you can package that knowledge and create predictable streams of income online in 5 short weeks and beyond

It could be delivery of one to one services and consultations - you can easily send a call summary followup note with action items.

It could be running an online event that needs reminders, or an online group coaching program you need to send out information on - it's easy with automation and your trusty KP assistant (KP is Keap Pro) Automating followup to be personal, conversational works and will ensure the end user is happy to hear from you and will be putting their hand up to buy from you when they're ready - this is known as attraction marketing.

You have to show up again and again... it's about 22 touch points now (in 2015 it was 7-10!)
From social, to landing page, to thank you page, video content or page content, emails, lead magnet content, followup, and more... it's not a nice to have, it's a must have!

Our signature product Wisdom2Wealth systems includes
The Easy Course Creation Method
- where you discover:

  • our Concept2Cash process
  • the 5x5x5 method that multiplies your income
  • how to package your knowledge and test the market if you have a viable product (before building a website, membership site etc)
  • casestudy reveals how a Practitioner went from Burnout To An Extra 5 Figures Whilst On Holiday
  • how to run an online program using free or low cost tools
  • the ability to add in automation and get the framework free (just add in your content to personalise the end user experience)

We offer Wisdom2Wealth - Business on Autopilot
In this 5 week training you're onboarded and setup in your own Keap account (or trained with your existing account) and we ensure you're using Lifecycle Automation to deliver a happy ending.

Send us a text message and say hi, and we'll go from there...

Stay Healthy and Happy
Lyndi MacRae
Founder and Creator
- in2Web Marketing
- Wisdom2Wealth
- AztecHealing

Lyndi MacRae
Systems Integration Specialist
Service Area/s:
Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Hobart, Melbourne, Other - Australian Capital Territory, Other - New South Wales, Other - Northern Territory, Other - Queensland, Other - South Australia, Other - Tasmania, Other - Victoria, Other - Western Australia, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Sydney
Community Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, CRM, Digital Marketing, Email Deliverability, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Internet Marketing Services, Landing Page Design, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Membership Sites, Sales Processes, Social Media Marketing, Website Development
Active Campaign, Google My Business, Gravity Forms, Keap, Memberium, Ontraport, WooCommerce, WordPress, Zapier
Administration & Office Support, Consulting & Strategy, Education & Training, Marketing & Communications, Other, Real Estate & Property
Opening Hours:
Monday 9.30am-4pm - no client calls, project work
Tuesday 9.30am-4pm - client calls, project work
Wednesday 9.30am-4pm - client calls, project work
Thursday 9.30am-4pm - client calls, project work
Friday 9.30am-4pm - no client calls, project work
Saturday Swimming, Gardening or doing personal development
Sunday Family time or binge watching Netflix
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